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Just Float

Lately I’ve been so stressed out… so many things happening, so much to do, not enough time. I just want to float along like a Hoppip… It’s not saving properly for some reason, which really sucks. Somehow the sketch/line layer got messed up. Oh...

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Tooth Fairy

Finally decided to give @Sketch_Dailies a shot – today’s (yesterday’s?) prompt was Tooth Fairy! She’s finally out of dental school, ready to punish some kids who gave her bad teeth 😂 At least, that’s what I imagine. I can’t think of...

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A Little Mer-Maid

Another MG assignment – was asked to do a mermaid this time. Figured it’d be fun to try a clione. Also, she’s a maid, get it? Was originally going to put her in frilly lolita or something but making long sleeves reminded me of kimono sleeves. Also,...

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MG Request – Treant

Another doodle request from Discorrrddd; I’ve thought about only posting colored stuff by themselves and posting sketchdumps every week but he really wanted me to post it so I guess a sketch is okay too. Treant girl is tonight’s star ♡ I feel like...

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I want to draw more so I asked some folks to give me a monster girl and the first one mentioned was a succubus. Bam, succubus. And again with the Google Translate text. I just think it’s funny. I really love the “English that doesn’t make...

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